Monday, 6 February 2012

snap happy # 1

so as i have 3 schoolwork deadlines this week and i am going to be really busy (and I'm away the following week) i have been looking for blog posts that will be easy to do, so i thought i would share with you all some photos of my life over the past week. i love these sort of blog posts and if you enjoy them too then let me know and i will do more in the future.

if you live in the UK you will know about the so called 'big freeze' we have been having and i was extremely over exited when it started snowing on Saturday night. on Sunday i met up with some of my friends and spent the day being childish and having snowball fights and sledging.

also, my vans came this week witch i was very exited about. i decided to go for flowery ones because i thought they were more unique then the classic kind everybody has been wearing recently. i cant wait to wear them! and finally, i was very exited to walk into Topshop this week and find all the spring pieces. i already have my eyes on almost everything!

anyway, I'm off to bed now. lots of love!

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