Sunday, 22 January 2012

a ramble about my life and a wintery outfit

yes, thats right im back!
i could give you a thousand reasons why i stopped blogging for so long, but like allot of people, i just got caught up with school work and youtube video's and hundreds of other things! so i would just like to apologise for not posting in nearly 5 months and i thaught i would finally do a blog post just updating you on everything i have been doing and also treat you too a quick outfit of the day i actually filmed a video for last month (before i got my braces off!) for my youtube channel witch you can watch here

cardigan and shorts - newlook
shirt - unknown
tights - primark     boots - newlook

so first off, i think i should mention that i have changed my youtube channel. i changed it back in october and i am now under the username of floralflowersz and i try to upload a video atleast one a week (but sometimes more, sometimes less.) The reason i changed my channel is simply because i wasnt happy with any of my video's and i didnt enjoy editing them because i didnt like them at all so i just felt like i needed a change.

secondly, i have pleanty of ideas for both videos and blog posts so let me know witch ones you like the best. i was thinking of doing a blog series in the lead up to the prom season. i have my prom this year and i love looking at dresses and experimenting with makeup and hair styles so i thaught it would be fun to do posts about things such as prom dress trends, finding my prom dress and choosing my makuep (maybe a tutorial or something) and hair styles e.c.t

so i hope enjoyed this post and havnt completely forgotten about me or when and why you ever started following my blog!

ceara xo
also, apologies for any spelling mistakes in this post (im sure there are many) as the spell checker is being a bit funny today


thanks for reading!